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Federal Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach

The federal government takes its job of securing electronic communications seriously. Thus, if investigators think you used a wire transmission to take property or money fraudulently, you can be charged with wire fraud. Because this is a white collar crime, you might think it is not that serious. However, it is also a felony with harsh sentencing penalties, if convicted.

A conviction will turn your world upside down, so it is important to take immediate action. First, contact an experienced West Palm Beach wire fraud lawyer. With more than 30 years of experience working in federal courts, Ronald S. Chapman will work tirelessly to challenge the charges against you.

What is Wire Fraud?

The federal government can charge you with wire fraud if it believes that you used a wire transmission to facilitate a scheme to defraud others of property or money. The “wire” refers to cable or airwave communication channels, such as:

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Internet

The government often spends years gathering evidence related to these transmissions. Thus, reach out to a federal wire fraud defense attorney in West Palm Beach to begin mounting a defense.

Examples Of Wire Fraud

The Nigerian prince scheme is one of the most well-known examples of wire fraud. At some point, you likely received an email from a so-called wealthy Nigerian prince requesting assistance getting his money out of his home country. You just needed to provide your banking account information, and the prince would transfer you a hefty sum of money as a reward. In reality, the sender wanted to steal the money from your bank account.

Telemarketing fraud and phishing schemes are also forms of wire fraud. While both schemes attempt to steal private information, one scheme occurs over the phone, and the other takes place on the internet.

While these examples are straightforward, that is rarely the case with wire fraud. Instead, there are normally lots of moving parts and components making it hard to tell if fraud was committed or who was involved. So contact a West Palm Beach wire fraud defense attorney today in order to discuss your legal options.

Defenses To Wire Fraud

Your lawyer needs to examine the circumstances of your particular case and the prosecution’s evidence in order to properly defend you. For example, the attorney might discover that you did not intend to commit fraud. The federal government has to prove intent, which can be difficult to do. On the other hand, the lawyer might discover you did not realize you were sharing false information. That supports a mistake-of-fact defense.

There are other options, but first, your attorney needs to review your case. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your options.


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Conspiracy To Commit Wire Fraud

If you have been charged with wire fraud, you also might face conspiracy charges. A conspiracy to commit wire fraud means you conspired with one or more people to develop a scheme to defraud others. The federal government can also charge you with conspiracy if you conspired with others but did not carry out the plan.

It is important to contact a West Palm Beach wire fraud defense lawyer if you are being investigated for or charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Related Charges

The federal government often brings additional charges against defendants in wire fraud cases. These charges are related to wire fraud but can increase the penalties. Examples include securities fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, and identity theft. In some instances, the federal government includes extra charges as a scare tactic. Your federal wire fraud lawyer in West Palm Beach might discover that the additional charges are unwarranted and can negotiate with prosecutors to dismiss them.

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