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William G. Taylor
January 21, 2017

Mr. Chapman, I want to thank you for all your time, effort, and good counsel given in the cases of Gonzalo C., both in the State court and in the Federal court. I was especially impressed with the attention to detail, the phone calls, the jail visits, and the interviews with Gonzalo’s wife and her nephew, all done to completely familiarize yourself with his cases. The charges and the facts were irrefutable, and a not-guilty plea was not an option. Nonetheless, though he was facing prison time as well as a large fine, through legal expertise and persuasive negotiating, you succeeded in securing him time served and one year supervision. Thank you and well done.

-William G. Taylor

Pedro B.
January 21, 2017

My name is Pedro B. I just want to say that I had a criminal problem and the Attorney Ron Chapman and his secretary Elizabeth helped me a lot in my case. He is a good lawyer for people who speak Spanish. I would recommend him very much.

-Pedro B.

Sincerely Ana C.
October 26, 2016

My name is Ana C. and as many Latinos I was taken to Court for something that did not happen. At that moment I felt powerless to have strength of defending myself of the psychological abuse which I was subjected to, but thank God I was recommended to Attorney Ron Chapman who reached an agreement to represent me. He immediately gave me a confidence that he could help me without any problem for this unfortunate situation so my case was processed in Court having the satisfaction that Attorney Chapman and his Assistant Elizabeth with his knowledge and ability managed to win the case. Therefore I am very glad that I hired him.
Sincerely Ana C.

Z. Gaspar Jacinto
February 22, 2016

Thank you for fighting my case on August 22 of 2016. I know it wasn't easy to fight my case because they wanted to give me a felony but you fought it till the end to clear my name from the charges they give and I thank you and including my family and if I have friends that need a lawyer I will recommend you to them. So thank you.

Francisco Cruz
August 26, 2016

West Palm Beach, August 24, 2016
To Attorney Ronald S. Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth, I, Francisco Cruz, hereby wish to express my most sincere and infinite gratitude for the great work, support, and attention you gave to my problem in Court. Because of your work and professional experience, I gained a favorable outcome. So I repeat again that I am very grateful and satisfied with you for giving me your professional support. Thank you so much.

G. Jenkins!!!!!!
August 26, 2016

Dear Mr. Chapman, I am writing you to say thank you so very much for all your hard work and late nights on my court case. You are a blessing in disguise. I want to thank you for putting on your boxing gloves and going into battle for me. I was facing an extreme amount of prison time, and you were able to resolve this issue with no jail time so I can get back to my kids and family. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and if you don’t mind I would truly love to recommend you to some friends and family that are in the court system and are not being treated Fair. I really believe that you could really help them like you helped me with your many skills and expertise in being a Universal lawyer. You will truly help them just like you helped me. I will be reaching out to you soon again and thank you so very much and look forward to my call.

Eliseo S.
February 22, 2016

My family called Ron Chapman after I was arrested on a charge for which I could have spent the rest of my life in prison. Mr. Chapman first helped me to bond out of jail. He was then able to get my original charge reduced to a lesser charge. Mr. Chapman kept working and was finally able to get my charge dismissed completely. Mr. Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth helped me and my family get through a very difficult time. Thank you very much for all your help.

February 22, 2016

Mr. Chapman has represented my son on two different occasions. In both instances, Mr. Chapman was very conscientious and hard-working. As a result of his hard work, Mr. Chapman achieved a good outcome for my son in both of his cases. If you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. Chapman.

Delmon S
February 22, 2016

I came to Mr. Chapman because I wanted to get off of the probation that I was on. As soon as I hired him, Mr. Chapman contacted my probation officer. One week later, Mr. Chapman got my case into court where my probation was terminated. I highly recommend that you hire Mr. Chapman.

Mercedes C
February 22, 2016

In the month of December 2015 I had to go to Court. That's when I contacted Attorney Ron Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth Amaro. I was feeling very desperate and disoriented. I can assure you it was a joy to have found them and known them. From the moment that I talked to Attorney Chapman and Ms. Elizabeth for the first time I commenced to restore security and hope that everything could be solved and it was. They went to Court with me, and my case was dismissed. For that reason I would like to thank them once again for their kind attention and professionalism and all the good work with my case and thus recommend Attorney Chapman because of his knowledge in the field of criminal law and for good client service.

Mario M
February 22, 2016

I came to attorney Ron Chapman with a problem regarding my driver's license. Within a week he and his assistant Elizabeth helped me to solve my problem. I am very thankful for their prompt help with my case. I am very proud to have had him as my lawyer, and I would not hesitate to call him if I were to have a problem in the future and to recommend him to friends of mine who are in need of a lawyer. I highly recommend attorney Chapman.

Juan O
February 22, 2016

I would like to share my experience. I had a pending case with the law and one day I got involved into a car accident and when we reported the case to the police my problems began and I was arrested and in serious trouble and I started looking for a lawyer and through a friend I met the Lawyer Chapman. I called him and he very kindly answered my call and gave me an appointment with him and his assistant Elizabeth Amaro. He and Elizabeth very thoroughly reviewed my case and the way how he explained things to me, this convinced me that I was in the right place. Mr. Chapman resolved my case in a very satisfactory way for me and without any problems. If at any time I would need him again I would not hesitate to get his services. Thanks to Mr. Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth for their kindness and competent work.

Fidel A
February 22, 2016

I was in need of an attorney and after talking with some friends one of them recommended Mr. Chapman to me. When I met with Mr. Chapman, he listened to my problem and agreed to take my case. When we got to court, he knew how to handle my case very professionally and with a good result. I want thank him and his assistant Elizabeth for all their work for me. If I were to have another legal problem in the future, I will be sure to call Mr. Chapman.

Jairo Wilches
January 9, 2016

Mr. Chapman recently represented me in a criminal case that had a good outcome. Thank God for all of his help, knowledge , experience, and the commitment that he showed in my case. He gave me confidence during a stressful time in my life.

Mr. Chapman presented me with several options regarding how to resolve my case, and he advised me on what was the best solution. Also, whenever I contacted him to see how my case was going, Mr. Chapman and his secretary, Ms. Amaro, always answered all of my questions.

Truly, it was good to have a serious, responsible, and committed attorney like Mr. Chapman representing me. Because of my experience with Attorney Chapman, I would recommend him to anyone who has a criminal case. If you speak with Mr. Chapman, you will realize that what I am saying is true.

Julius G
January 9, 2016

I came to Ron Chapman with a serious concern that was having significant impact on my private life and business relations. Mr. Chapman immediately understood the nature of the problem, and provided me with excellent guidance from our first phone call onward. He answers every email promptly and returns every phone call expeditiously. My matter was resolved by Mr. Chapman in a matter of days, once I provided him with the materials he needed. His extensive contacts in the Florida justice system gave Mr. Chapman an extra edge that enabled him to navigate tricky legal waters with ease. I would have no hesitation in turning to Mr. Chapman again in the event that I needed excellent legal assistance.

Lawrence P.
December 18, 2015

Ron Chapman is by far the best criminal attorney I have ever met. He will patiently listen to your situation and address your needs. He always returns phone calls and follows up on questions.

After interviewing more than 10 different attorney’s in Palm Beach County there was no comparison to Ron’s professionalism and client follow up.

Ron patiently went the extra mile on my case and performed follow up investigation that other attorneys would not. As a result my case was dismissed. He truly cares about the people he works with and represents.

Sloan M
January 9, 2016

Ron Chapman took on my case and immediately saw a flaw in the ability of the State to prosecute my case. Ron worked diligently and in court demonstrated to the Judge that the State had no ability to convict based on the laws of our State. The Judge agreed with Ron and my DUI case was dismissed. I am so thankful. Thanks to Ron my insurance rates are a fraction of what they would have been, and my record is clean and I can get on with my life!

Ms. Johnson
January 9, 2016

Mr. Ron Chapman, what can I not say! All the good he has done for me and my family, also the community. I was first introduced to Mr. Chapman by the community that he serves. He was very honest and forthcoming. I asked him one question! I asked him would he fight for my family, my son he said YES! He DID, and still is fighting even after the fact! Mr. Chapman still serves when I have a question or problem, he and his staff go out of their way to get answers for me. Mr. Chapman and his staff care about how I am doing, am I okay. You see Mr. Chapman represented my son. First the State said 30, then 20, then 15 years, then 10 years. I said NO let’s fight! And Mr. Chapman did! My son got off with grace and dignity even the jurors were amazed by Mr. Chapman and my son. He should be a judge Mr. Chapman, but the little poor people, we need him! I love you Mr. Chapman.

Judy F
January 9, 2016

I recently had the good fortune of hiring Ronald Chapman as an attorney for a family member. My family does not reside in South Florida, so I began researching the West Palm Beach and County Services websites looking for possible attorneys. I found several legal articles written and posted by Mr. Chapman that were relevant to the issues impacting my family member. The articles written by Mr. Chapman were pertinent and in fact provided information about recent changes in several laws and legal situations. The articles were timely and extremely helpful.

I contacted Mr. Chapman and explained the circumstances that required legal assistance for my family member. To my relief, Mr. Chapman agreed to handle the case, which required a court appearance two (2) days after we had spoken. Mr. Chapman met with my family member, represented him in court with a very satisfactory outcome, and all within a 2-day window of time.

Mr. Chapman's name and phone number are now permanently in my rolodex! I have never dealt with an attorney who has been so responsive and forthcoming relative to explanations of the facts and circumstances. I highly recommend Mr. Chapman as an attorney.

Javier Cardenas
January 5, 2016

My family and I are thankful to... Ronald chapman... to represent us on this difficult times... a lawyer well known and respect on his field with such as experience.... thanks again.

Natalie N. and Heather P
January 9, 2016

Thank you for all of your guidance and support this year. We could not have done it without you!

March 17, 2017

Dear Ron, I want to thank you for your very valuable help in navigating the DUI process this past December 2016. Your experience and guidance was a blessing in a time of dire need. You were always professional and in contact with me, and most importantly, Ron, you treated me with dignity and compassion. I whole heartedly recommend your services to anyone who should find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance. I wish you continued success in helping others as you did so well to help me this past year. Thank you so much!

Erika Lopez.
March 17, 2017

Lawyer Chapman. Today I want to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent performance in the case of my son. To see you fight to the last moment for his rights as an American citizen and human being, for which I want you to know that you have my testimony if you require it to Attesting to his extraordinary performance and professionalism as a lawyer, I say goodbye reiterating my eternal gratitude.

Thanks a Million
May 14, 2017

Hello my name is Ernesto and I dedicate these few lines to thank Attorney Ron Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth by being very kind and professional. He guided and advised us in my wife’s case taking it to a satisfactory result for us.

Dick G
June 8, 2017

Wanted to write to you to thank you and your firm for the great job of representation on behalf of my son and I these past weeks. Your efforts were A+ in handling the clearing of a legal problem in the state of Florida, Palm Beach County. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone who needs solid professional legal help. Your communication as we went through the process was clear and comforting.

Henry Mejia
June 12, 2017

I had a criminal problem of a fourth DUI that for me was more than impossible to find a solution because I knew the problem was so immense that I had not only have to deal with expenses but also with jail and my deportation even though I am still a resident. I was forced to look for a Lawyer with experience and category I am very satisfied because I found the right lawyer not only for his responsibility but also for his honesty and the seriousness that characterizes him for his exemplary work as a great person and human being he is. Attorney RONALD CHAPMAN helped me and I win this Case that I gave it for lost. He is a lawyer who puts all his endeavor and leadership and very capable of taking any case forward and win it. Many thanks to him and the same for his assistant ELIZABETH that with their work and professionalism won my case, a thousand thanks.

Henry Mejia
June 8, 2017

Hello, I am Héctor D and Ingris R, We want to thank the lawyer Ronald Chapman and his secretary Elizabeth for helping us in our case. We are very happy for the good service. He is an exceptional lawyer, great ethics, and very human. We are very grateful that he helped us with our case and it ended well. I recommend his services to everyone because he is a very good lawyer. Thank you very much.