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Federal Forgery Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach

Being charged with forgery on the state level is terrifying enough. However, your fear multiplies when the federal government is involved. It has numerous resources to use when investigating and prosecuting alleged criminals and often likes to make examples of people to prevent future crimes. Considering everything that is stacked against you, you might feel as if all hope is lost.

However, you can regain some control of the situation by hiring a West Palm Beach federal forgery defense lawyer. Ronald S. Chapman has several years of experience working in federal courts and will vigorously defend you. Reach out to our firm today to discuss your legal options.

When Is Forgery Charged on a Federal Level?

If you allegedly forged a government document or used a forged document to defraud the federal government, you can face federal charges. Some examples of federal forgery include altering or falsifying:

  • Government-issued identification
  • Military issued documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Securities

It is essential to understand that the government started investigating you well before charging you with a crime. Thus, contact a forgery defense lawyer in West Palm Beach today so that he can begin working on your case as soon as possible.

What Are The Penalties For Forgery?

Forgery is a very serious charge with penalties of up to 20 years in federal prison and thousands of dollars in fines. However, judges have a great deal of discretion when sentencing defendants. They consider factors such as the person’s history and character, the impact of a long sentence on minor children, and the financial losses experienced as a result of the crime. Contact our firm today so you can take steps to avoid harsh penalties that can impact you for the rest of your life.

Can You Get Bond?

The idea of staying in prison while awaiting trial is enough to keep you up at night. It does not make sense to have to relinquish your freedoms without being convicted, and it can make it very challenging to participate in your defense leading up to trial.

Fortunately, you will have the opportunity to plead your case for bond after you are charged. Your West Palm Beach forgery defense lawyer can present evidence that demonstrates why you are a good candidate for a reasonable bond. At the same time, the prosecution might frame you as a danger to society or a flight risk. The judge will have the ultimate decision on the amount and conditions of bail, so make sure you have a lawyer by your side to present your case.


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  • Over 30 Years of Experience – Ronald S. Chapman has represented clients facing both state and federal charges since 1990, and he has had more than 200 trials.
  • Numerous 5-star Reviews – Our West Palm Beach law firm has accumulated five-star reviews on Google, Yelp, Lawyers.com, Avvo, and other sites.
  • Sole Practitioner– As a sole practitioner, Ronald S. Chapman works directly with each client he serves instead of handing them off to staff members.
  • Represents Clients in State and Federal Court – While some West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers handle only state charges or federal charges, Ronald S. Chapman handles both types of charges ranging from state-level assault charges to federal-level drug trafficking and white-collar crimes.
  • Bilingual Legal Services – Ronald S. Chapman provides legal services in English and Spanish, so you won’t have any trouble communicating with him.

Can Forgery Be An Accident?

One’s intent is important when prosecuting and defending federal forgery charges. If you did not knowingly commit forgery, your attorney could work on dismissing the charges. For example, assume that you purchased a document that you thought was legitimate, only to discover the forgery after the indictment. The federal government might still try to prosecute you, but your West Palm Beach forgery defense attorney can provide evidence to show you were also a victim of fraud.

Statute Of Limitations

The federal government has up to five years from the date of the alleged crime to file charges. Additionally, it can apply for an extension if the forgery involves a passport or immigration papers. It uses the time allowed to build its case, often accessing resources from multiple agencies. If you think you are being investigated but have yet to be charged, it is wise to consult with a federal forgery defense lawyer in West Palm Beach. Then your attorney can begin working on your defense while the government attempts to build a case.

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Mr. Ron Chapman, what can I not say! All the good he has done for me and my family, also the community. I was first introduced to Mr. Chapman by the community that he serves. He was very honest and forthcoming. I asked him one question! I asked him would he fight for my family, my son he said YES! He DID, and still is fighting even after the fact! Mr. Chapman still serves when I have a question or problem, he and his staff go out of their way to get answers for me. Mr. Chapman and his staff care about how I am doing, am I okay. You see Mr. Chapman represented my son. First, the State said 30, then 20, then 15 years, then 10 years. I said NO let’s fight! And Mr. Chapman did! My son got off with grace and dignity even the jurors were amazed by Mr. Chapman and my son. He should be a judge Mr. Chapman, but the little poor people, we need him! I love you, Mr. Chapman.
Ms. Johnson

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