Were You Legally Stopped in West Palm Beach, Florida Before You Were Arrested for DUI?

           Most DUI cases start when a police officer sees a driver commit a traffic infraction such as speeding, and the officer then stops that person in order to give him a ticket.  When the officer speaks with the driver and realizes he's been drinking alcohol, he may begin a DUI investigation which may, in turn, result in that driver being arrested for DUI.


          Sometimes, however, an officer thinks he has a valid reason to pull you over when he really doesn't.  When that happens, the result may be that your DUI case is later dismissed when it gets to court because you were stopped illegally.


          10 invalid reasons for the police stopping a driver in West Palm Beach, Florida include:


          1.  Having a cracked rear reflector.


          2.  Having a taillight out as long as you still have two working taillights.


          3.  Having one taillight that is dimmer than your other taillight.


          4.  Having one tag light out as long as your other tag light is working properly.


          5.  Having a brake light out on one side of your car as long as the brake light on the other side of your car and in the middle of your car are working properly.


          6.  Having a cracked windshield unless the crack makes your car so unsafe that it might result in your injuring someone or something.


          7.  Having tinted windows unless the officer who stops you reasonably believes that the tint is so dark that it violates Florida law.


          8.  Having things hanging from your rearview mirror.


          9.  Not using your turn signal as long as no other driver is affected by your decision.


          10.  Not driving in a single lane of traffic as long as no other driver is affected by your doing so.


          If you have have been arrested for DUI or are under investigation for DUI, please call me to discuss your case.  My telephone number is 561-832-4348.

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