Have You Been Entrapped?

Entrapment occurs when the police, or someone working for the police, cause a person to commit a crime using methods that create a substantial risk that the crime was committed by someone who was not ready to commit such a crime but for the improper methods employed by the police.

In order to better understand the concept of entrapment, it is helpful to look at some actual cases in which Florida courts have ruled that the person charged with a crime was entrapped by the police.

In one such case, an informant promised the accused individual that she would become romantically involved with him if he helped her to get drugs, the informant told the accused that she needed the drugs to help cope with cancer, and the accused had no criminal history.

In another case, entrapment was found where the police created videos that contained child pornography, and the accused had never previously been involved in any known criminal activity.

In two other cases, entrapment was found where an informant entered into an agreement with the police in which the informant helped set up drug deals in exchange for a reduced sentence.

If you have been charged with a crime in Florida and the facts in your case are similar to the facts in the cases just mentioned, you may have an argument that you were entrapped by the police and are, therefore, not guilty.

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