Getting Your Florida Criminal Record Sealed May Not Solve Your Problem

 I frequently receive telephone calls from people stating that they need to get their Florida criminal record sealed or expunged because it keeps rearing its ugly head whenever they apply for jobs.  I ask them what type of work they do because some jobs require that they disclose their criminal record even though it has been sealed or expunged.  For instance, if the person is trying to get hired by a criminal justice agency or is attempting to be admitted to the Florida Bar, she is required to report her criminal even if her record has been sealed or expunged.  The same is true in some situations for  individuals who hope to work in Florida with children, the developmentally disabled, or the elderly.  (If you would like to learn more about the effects of expunging a Florida criminal record, take a look at Florida Statute section 943.0585(4).)  The point is that even if your are legally eligible to get Florida criminal record sealed or expunged, getting your Florida record sealed or expunged may not help you much if you work in certain types of occupations.

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