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One thing is certain: when the police are called to an assault and battery in Florida, someone is going to get arrested, and it's almost always the man. When that happens, I often receive a frantic phone call from a wife or girlfriend saying that she didn't intend for her husband or boyfriend to go to jail when she called 911. She only wanted the police to come and help calm the situation. Although things seem desperate at this point, there is still much that can be done by an assault and battery lawyer to help improve the situation for both the man and the woman. If the man has never been arrested before for assault and battery, the woman has the option of completing an affidavit which tells the entire story (rather than the shortened and slanted version which appears in the police report) and which asks the prosecutor's office to not file charges. That affidavit can then be sent to the prosecutor's office so that the prosecutor who is handling the case knows more about the case than just what is contained in the police report, and it lets the prosecutor know that the wife or girlfriend does not want charges to be filed. In short, there is often much that a Florida assault and battery attorney can do to help out a client who has been arrested for assault and battery in Florida.

Florida assault and battery attorney Ronald Chapman has been representing people accused of committing assault and battery in Florida since 1990. You can read more about Mr. Chapman’s experience as a Florida assault and battery lawyer as well as review news articles about some of his cases.

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