Dunbar Village Suspects Give Police Still More Evidence

As if confessions and DNA weren't enough evidence in the Dunbar Village rape case, it has now come to light that the police have seized letters from one of the incarcerated suspects and that a  telephone conversation of that same suspect was secretly tape-recorded by the police.  It is because of costly mistakes like this that people who are accused of committing crimes should be extremely careful to discuss their case only with their lawyer and his or her investigator.  Because such conversations are protected by the attorney-client privilege and work-product rule, it is difficult if not impossible for the police or prosecutor to become privy to such conversations.  However, if a person charged with a crime discusses his case with his parents or siblings, those individuals can be subpoenaed by the prosecutor to testify about what was said during those discussions.  Also, telephone conversations made by jail inmates are routinely recorded and used as evidence in court.  The lesson to be learned is that f you have been formally accused of committing a crime or are simply a suspect, don't discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer.

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