19 Types of Drug Paraphernalia in Florida


According to Florida law, the term "drug paraphernalia" includes many different types of devices that can be used to consume or to make controlled substances such as cocaine, marijuana, and hashish.  This article contains a list of 19 such devices.


1.  Scales and balances used to weigh or measure controlled substances.


2.  Blenders, bowls, spoons, and mixing devices used to make controlled substances.


3.  Capsules, balloons, and envelopes that are used for packaging small amounts of controlled substances.


4.  Syringes and needles that are used to inject controlled substances into the human body.

Objects used or designed for use in ingesting or inhaling controlled substances into the human body including:


5.  Metal or wooden pipes.


6.  Water pipes.


7.  Smoking masks.


8.  Roach clips.


9.  Miniature cocaine spoons.


10.  Carburetor pipes.


11.  Electric pipes.


12.  Air-driven pipes.


13.  Bongs.


14.  A "cracker" which is a small metal or plastic device that contains a pin that may be used to expel nitrous oxide from a container.


15.  A "whip-it" which is a device that may be used to expel nitrous oxide.


16.  A tank.


17.  A hose or tube.


18.  A 2-liter-type soda bottle.


19.  Duct tape.


Given the fact that I drink quite a bit of soda from 2-liter soda bottles, number 18 on the list causes me a little concern.



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