10 Privileged Communications Recognized by Florida Law

          A privileged communication is a statement that you cannot be forced to disclose in a legal proceeding because it was made in connection with a legally-protected relationship.  Some of the privileged communications recognized by Florida law are:


  1. Journalist's privilege;
  2. Lawyer-client privilege;
  3. Psychotherapist-patient privilege;
  4. Sexual assault counselor-victim privilege;
  5. Domestic violence advocate-victim privilege;
  6. Husband-wife privilege;
  7. Communications to clergy;
  8. Accountant-client privilege;
  9. Privilege with respect to trade secrets;
  10. Accident-report privilege.


          One of the more commonly-known privileges is #2, the lawyer-client privilege.  What you may not know, however, is:


          a.  This privilege does not exist when a client hires a lawyer for the purpose of committing a crime;

          b.  This privilege does not exist if a client sues his lawyer for malpractice; and

          c.  This privilege is waived if a client voluntarily discloses to a third party things she said to her lawyer.

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