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Retroactive Federal Drug Sentence Reductions

Last week, the United States Sentencing Commission voted to retroactively cut federal prison sentences for drug crimes.  The Commission voted to retroactively decrease the drug table by two offense levels for all drug types.  The result is that approximately…

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The Police Need a Search Warrant to Obtain Information About the Location of Your Cell Phone

In the case of the United States versus Quartavious Davis, Mr. Davis was convicted of several armed robberies that occurred at different times and in several different locations.  In order to prove that Davis was in the general vicinity…

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The Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Cell Phone

In the case of Riley versus California, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the police generally may not, without a warrant, search the contents of a cell phone that is taken from someone who has been arrested.  The…

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It was Illegal for the Police to Take Pills from a Woman’s Purse

In the case of Melva Gay versus the State of Florida, a police officer stopped a car for failing to come to a complete stop at at stop sign.  Melva Gay was a passenger in that car.  The officer asked…

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Robbery Versus Shoplifting

In the case of the State of Florida versus Dennis Baker, some security guards at a department store located inside a shopping mall saw Mr. Baker take a videotape recorder and leave the store without first paying for it.  When…

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Juveniles and Sex Offender Registration

In the case of the State of Florida versus Melissa Hope Williams, Ms. Williams moved to Florida in 2005 from Michigan where she had been adjudicated delinquent for a misdemeanor sex offense and required to register as a sex…

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