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An injunction is commonly known as a restraining order. It is issued by the court for the purpose of protecting an individual from violence or abuse from another person. The petitioner is the one who files for the injunction. The respondent is the person the petitioner wants protection from.

Once a Florida court grants an injunction, the respondent needs to stop having any type of contact with the petitioner. In some cases, the allegations contained in a restraining order are exaggerated or even false.

Types of Injunctions in Florida

There are several types of injunctions in Florida, including:

  • Domestic abuse violence injunction
  • Dating violence injunction
  • Sexual violence injunction
  • Repeat violence injunction
  • Stalking injunction

The process begins after the petitioner files a document with the court asking for an injunction. The judge may grant a temporary injunction if there is evidence of violence. A hearing is not necessary to issue a temporary injunction.

If a petition for an injunction has been filed against you, contact attorney Ronald Chapman today.

Injunction Used As A Weapon

There have been several instances where filing an injunction is used as a weapon against another individual. It sometimes happens that the petitioner is vengeful or spiteful, and the injunction is filed as leverage in a civil matter like a divorce proceeding.

Another example is an injunction being filed against a coworker to force them out of the office. Falsely claiming sexual violence sometimes occurs. It is used to damage the reputation of another for the benefit of the petitioner.

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing to represent yourself at a final injunction hearing. An experienced lawyer like Ronald Chapman who specializes in injunction cases can present your case at such a hearing.

Challenging An Injunction

Your personal and professional reputation is on the line when an injunction is filed against you. How many people have lost their jobs because of an injunction? How many people have lost their families because of false accusations? Also, if an injunction is granted by the court, you will lose your right to possess a firearm.

Petitions for injunctions are sometimes filed with little evidence to back them up. That is why you need an experienced lawyer like Ronald Chapman to present your case to the court.


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Injunction Violations

Injunctions are public information in Florida. Also, if you have an injunction filed against you and you violate it, that is a first-degree misdemeanor which is punishable by up to one year in jail.

How Attorney Ronald Chapman Can Help You

If someone files an injunction against you, an experienced lawyer like Ronald Chapman can help you. Do not risk damaging your public and private reputation because of an injunction. We are here to help you. Contact Ronald S. Chapman, P.A., today if you want to learn more about challenging an injunction that has been filed against you.

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