Computer Crimes

With the proliferation of personal computers and the internet, computer-related crimes are being prosecuted much more frequently than was the case just a few years ago. This is true both at the State and at the Federal levels. Often the alleged crimes are of a sexual nature, but economic crimes frequently involve the use of computers as well.

When defending a client who is charged with a computer-related crime, it is sometimes necessary to consult with a forensic computer expert since the prosecution may have its own expert examine the computer in question and then have that expert testify at trial as to her findings.

Another issue that sometimes comes up in computer-related crimes that are allegedly committed at work is whether the person charged with the crime has any reasonable expectation of privacy in his computer. One Florida Court has held that when an employer has a clear policy allowing other persons to monitor a workplace computer, an employee that uses the computer has no reasonable expectation of privacy in it. This becomes very important if an accused individual claims that the search and seizure of his computer by law enforcement was illegal.

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