Can You Bond Out of Jail if You Are Arrested for Assault and Battery in Florida?

If you are arrested for domestic battery in Palm Beach County Florida, the good news is that you will probably be able to get out of jail either by paying a monetary bond or else by agreeing to be supervised by certain government employees who have been designated by the Court to perform that task. 

The bad news is that you may not get out of jail until the day after you have been arrested.  That is because people who have been arrested for the crime of domestic battery are not permitted to immediately bond out of jail but rather must go to what is called a first-appearance hearing which is typically held within 24 hours of a person being arrested. At that hearing, a judge determines whether the arresting officer had probable cause to arrest the person and if he did what amount bond is to be set at.  Typical bonds range from $500.00 to an indi vidual paying no bond but instead being placed on Supervised OR which means that the person will be monitored until his case is resolved in court.